Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Bramah Tea and Coffee Walk around London

This walk covers the main historical locations of the coffee and tea trade. The experience takes us around the City to see the first coffee house, the site of the East India Company, the docks and many other main trading places. Crossing the river over London’s oldest bridge and returning over the Millennium Bridge, gives a vivid experience of 400 years of history and the main events of a trade that changed the world.

The Bramah Tea and Coffee Walk around London:
ISBN 0–9550285–2–3
Size: 145 x 220 mm
Hard back
Pages: 128, full colour

Foreword – Bramah’s London Tea & Coffee Walk Map  – The Bramah Museum  – Map i, London Bridge Area – Tea and Coffee arrive in England –  The George Inn – Tea Shops and Tea Rooms – London’s First Modern Tea Shop – Tea Clippers  – Hay’s Wharf  – The Pool of London  – Tea and Health  – The Monument Smuggling – Custom House – St Mary Woolnoth Church  – Business in the Coffee Houses – The Interior of a Coffee House – Map ii, City Coffee Houses – The Rules of a Coffee House – Lloyd’s Coffee House – Change Alley – Garraway’s Coffee House  – Sword Blade Coffee House – East India Company, Tea and Opium – The George and Vulture – Pasqua Rosee’s Head – St Michael’s Church – Leadenhall Marke – The East India Company – Site of East India House – Map iii, Mincing Lane Area – Morning in Mincing Lane (1864)  – St Mary Axe – The Docks – Cutler Street Warehouses – Petticoat Lane – The Boston Tea Party – The Old Tea Warehouse – The Adulteration of Tea – Jewry Street Tea Factories – Pepys Street Area – St Olave’s Church – Mincing Lane Tea Auctions – Auctions – Plantation House – British Blenders – Eastcheap – Decline of the Old Trading – Map iv, Tea Trading 1960–1998 – Orthodox Teas and Tea Bags – Cannon Street  – Last London Tea Auctions – The Tea Clearing House – Modern Tea – Millennium Bridge – Tate Modern & Sugar Cubes – Fine Traditional British Tea –  The Globe Theatre – London’s Terraced Houses – Tea Gardens – Finches Grotto  – Thrale Street – The Certificate  – Index


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